I couldn’t resist sharing these fab tree house pics with you from my files. I’m not sure where I collected them from so if you can identify them, please add to the comments section. Hobbits have wonderful feng shui and spending time in a treehouse really does LIFT your spirits to the treetops! Enjoy.


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4 responses to “HOBBIT HOUSE FENG SHUI

  1. The 3rd one with the aerial walkway from one tree to the other reminds me of a few tree clubhouses that are built along the Blanco River in and around the town of Wimberly …it is a very popular river for tubing and there are thousands of Cypress trees leaning into and over the slow moving (in most summers) waters. The water comes from the aquifer there and is quite chilly (68 degrees avg.) but very refreshing in the 100 degree days there. The land owners along the river love to make interesting elements appear around every turn …like great swings, tree houses, landscaped stone patio paradises for cooking out, dining or camping down by the water.

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  3. robin lafas

    Love your site. The desert photo looks like it might be from the Burning Man celebration in Nevada, USA.

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