LABOR OF LOVE: Feng Shui Your Space Over the Holiday Weekend!

What better way to spend Labor Day Weekend than by improving your home decor, re-energizing your spirit, and uplifting your feng shui? If you are ready for the Feng Shui By Fishgirl makeover challenge keep reading. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it—just a few simple things will give you a tremendous boost and strengthen your feng shui.

*Take inventory of clutter bombs. What’s a clutter bomb? It’s a pile of clothes on your bedroom chair (washed or unwashed, it belongs in the closet or dresser or washbasket). It’s a stack of paper piles on every tabletop that belongs in your file or on one desktop. It’s a sink full of dishes, a bathroom overflowing with magazines or an assortment of nearly empty shampoo bottles. It’s ‘stuff’ everywhere you look. Open your eyes, see where you have clutter, and then give yourself 30 minutes to clear up as much of it as possible. Just that little bit of time will help you get back on track and feel so much more room opening up in your space. That clutter is blocking you and here is why.

*Giveaway pile. While you’re cleaning up the clutter bombs you might notice you have a stack of old magazines piling up. Find a nursing home or doctor’s office to donate them to. Were some of the clothes in the pile there because they haven’t been worn in a looooong time? Give them to charity orgs (many communities have collections for veterans or you can donate to Salvation Army).

*Raise some Cash. A quick way to make a few extra bucks is to have a yard sale. Put your unwanted stuff out and giveaway whatever doesn’t sell (just put a “free” sign out and see how fast it disappears!)

*Paint it red. Do you have boring white walls? Do you need a boost? You don’t have to paint an entire room. One accent wall or door in red color can lift your ch’i (energy) to new heights and won’t take a lot of paint. Try locating your Wealth, Fame, or Love sectors on the bagua and paint that wall for particularly good feng shui results. You might also try painting your toenails red for that personal lift 🙂

Happy Labor Day!

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