Phillipe Staark’s ghost chairs still look good to me. What do you think? I love the clean lines of this dining/conference room. The eclectic elements are right up my alley, too. They’ve included  the feng shui elements: metal, wood, water, and if the dishes are red ceramic they’ve got earth and fire covered, too. Photo from the Miss Design blog. That wine bottle chandelier is fab, too. BTW the beams overhead painted white cut that negative beam energy perfectly—it’s a classic feng shui solution to overbearing beam energy, although in a dining room it’s not as problematical to have beams as it is in a bedroom.


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  1. Ghost Chairs are very in but can be expensive that why we sell replica ghost chairs at so you can get the look for less.

    • Dave, Thanks for posting your comment. I was a bit unsure if I would approve your comment for two reasons: 1) it could be considered spam. 2) I disapprove of knocking off original designers. I am all for offering my readers information on design sources they might not otherwise know about. And I like finding similar designs for less. But I’m adamantly against direct copycats. So, that being said, when you mention that you sell “replica ghost chairs” do you mean you give Phillipe Staark a royalty on his design?

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