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This idea is particularly awesome in the Wealth area of the bagua within your home, or for a retail establishment—-show me the money!

A Detailed House

With two little ones running around the house, I am always picking things up off the floor. I am amazed, though, by the sheer number of coins! Granted, we play “store” a lot, which involves a cash register, spare change, and my youngest setting up “shop” where ever I am… no matter what I’m doing, working or not! They have piggy banks that they love to fill, so why are the coins spread cavalierly on the floor?

I tell myself it’s good for me – like exercise – and picking them up is the equivalent of toe touches, but not even an Army Drill Sargent would put someone through this 😉 Now my thought process is that I’m just going to start cementing them down, so I will eventually end up with these floors:

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This pool in a house designed by Antón García- Abril is truly out there. It makes me squeamish just looking at it and the rest of the architecture. How do you feel about it? Is a cantilevered pool a can or a can’t in feng shui ?

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