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A wonderful image of nature and design that makes me want to curl up with the NYT, a glass of wine, and somebody I love. Check out the eye candy at Hovercraftdoggy.com design blog.


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Romantic outdoor bed in a green landscape / Unknown photographer

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Earth is the bottom ‘star’ in this picture taken on Mars.

With the worldwide economy sluggish at best, crazy people shooting up crowded movie theatres and such, the people of Syria in civil war, a nurse in NH deliberately injecting dozens of patients with Hep C virus, the American presidential elections getting nastier and nastier…this view of our planet taken from Mars looks like the brightest  most miraculous news any earthlings could have this week.

Guess what? IT’S FAKE!!! Check out how this latest Urban Legend hoax was perpetrated by clicking here.

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I’ve been out of commission for several weeks now and that’s why the Feng Shui By Fishgirl blog posts have been sporadic at best. My apologies to you loyal readers. First it was packing for the annual migration north for the summer months. Then it was unpacking and dealing with a studio / gallery that had some damage over the winter. Next it was traveling for a quick family reunion. Back home, I immediately caught a bad virus that laid waste to my face and is now finally healing. Avoid stress, the doctor said. So in order to calm down I’m ready to lose myself in the blogosphere again! Here are some very cool kitchen sinks that could add pizazz and function to your decor. That’s always good for your feng shui. The one above is from one of my favorite blogs VosgeParis.

Kohler island kitchen sink. Looks good but does it work well?

I like the *idea* and beauty of the Kohler island kitchen sink shown here but I am unconvinced that it’s as functional as a kitchen sink needs to be. It seems like a bathroom item to me. What do you think? The curvey yin yang balance of this Elkay sink feels like good feng shui to me but may be impractical for some spaces.



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