Katie Holmes’ Feng Shui

I want to feng shui Katie Holmes’ new apartment in NYC. If I were hired, I would strengthen her tai ch’i core in order to support her new found independence from Tom Cruise. I’d also make sure her creative desires were represented in her home. It’s been reported that he had a Svengali-like hold on her and would not allow her to take on movie roles he didn’t approve of, monitored her cell phones and email, and had other controlling tendencies.

My guess is Katie might not be open to feng shui because she might misconstrue it to be a religion or Scientology substitute. It’s neither of those things. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement and energy flow to align one’s architecture and environment. Wishing Katie good luck in her next chapter of her life. And I wish the same for Tom, too. Call me if you want some help with your feng shui!

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