Designing a pathway to your Mouth of Ch’i (entry door) can be tricky. What you don’t want is to have the bottom flare out much wider than the top near the door because that will represent your wealth leaking out onto the street.In the picture below we have excellent feng shui in the meandering curve of the path, but the ch’i is lost with the wide dustpan effect at the base near the street. A feng shui solution to this problem does not mean you must spend a lot of money to re-do the bottom of the path. Instead, consider placing potted plants at the sides to the entrance of the path (see third photo below) to bring the flare in, so to speak.

The photo below shows an example of good feng shui. Note how the path widens out toward the top near the steps to the door? As long as the path stays the same width all the way down with no flare you’ve got a good feng shui result.

Another problem is blocking the opportunity and good luck ch’i from entering your home. Take a look at the photo below. Yes, the red/pink flowers are attractive to the eye and represent good luck. But do they really need to be placed so that they are practically blocking the entry to the home? Spacing them out a little wider would solve that.

Here’s another good example. Not only did they get the flare near the home correct, but the steps are rounded and curved which adds an extra touch of yin energy. The pathway is indirect instead of a straight shot to the door–that’s always very good feng shui.

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