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I adore the photos that A Detailed House has assembled for the Black & White Bathrooms. I used to have one in my NYC apartment. The beams in the first pic are not bad feng shui because nobody lingers for very long in a bathroom. Even a bath is not a long time. Here they give a visual that is striking and bold. Thumbs up!

A Detailed House

So many, many exquisite bathrooms, so little time! Here is the continuation of the exploration of black and white bathrooms.

This first picture, although I’ve commented below as well, shows a treatment that I will be addressing in a DIY segment down the road, as I am going to do this to one of our bedrooms that has sloped walls. Sloped walls obviously aren’t conducive to crown molding, but I can still add some architectural elements to the room, and this is similar to what I have selected:

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Click here to see more sweet “awwww….i’m lovin’ these pics” photos!…. at the Clayzmama.com blog! Looking at nature shots like this gives your ch’i a lift. And THAT’s good for your feng shui!

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