A beautiful renovation from Dwell Magazine wherein a lot of the wood was reclaimed to make tables and counters as shown here. What I liked about this photo is it shows a classic beam cure. Wooden beams are considered heavy and oppressive in feng shui terms. However, whitewashing them as has been done here softens that effect. Theoretically the white color represents metal and metal cuts wood, thereby breaking the oppressive ch’i energy from weighing down on you as you sit below them. Beams in a room like a kitchen are not as big a problem as when they are over a bed. Imagine this kitchen without the white painted ceiling and beams…can you see how the room would be imbalanced by too much wood then? So even if you don’t believe in feng shui you can see how it is just good common design sense to balance the visuals–all wood is no good. Regarding the snake plant with the pointy tips…if it’s in your Fame area of the bagua then it’s okay. Anywhere else, you’re better off with rounded leaves on your house plants.

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