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Here is the magnificent staircase of The Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins University in Baltimore. The architecture has wonderful feng shui. Do you think the architect was inspired by nature? This cross section of a nautilus shell should help you decide.

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I stumbled across an informative article about choosing the right color for your website. Jump here to read the article. I do strongly agree that color is a key feature in website design and feng shui design. Did you know you could feng shui your website? Feng Shui By Fishgirl not only does feng shui consultations on homes, I do websites, too. Contact today.

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Out of my skull waiting for my Skippy’s hotdog!

A perfect day in Winston Salem, NC includes a trip to Skippy’s Hot Dogs. I’ve written about them before and their quality is so consistently good it’s a no brainer…to avoid the inevitable lines go before noon. We arrived at 11:30AM and I ordered a Chicago classic dog even though I didn’t know what banana peppers are. The dog is so big I could only photograph half of it!

Chicago dog at Skippy’s in W-S.

Next on your agenda should be a trip to the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Currently they are showing some amazing works done by several artists all using paper as their medium. My favorite artist in the show was Simryn Gill who made “pearls” from entire copies of books or like this one below that was NOT in the show, National Geographics.

Simryn Gill’s “Pearls” made from an entire copy of a National Geographic magazine.

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Here’s a great example of how you can still have a predominantly neutral color scheme in your home but with accessories like pillows, lamps, or window treatments you can add a burst of color that transforms the space into WOW! Pictured here is one of many Morroccan design ideas (click the link to see more) from Inter4Designs. If you get tired of this theme, it’s super easy to switch out your cushion covers to another color or pattern with the seasons or with your mood.

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If you’re in NYC May 19-22, check out the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. I attended last spring and it was a marvelous show. From contemporary lighting to rugs to furniture design this show has a wide selection of contemporary vendors and you’ll see a lot of original trends here.

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Amber Bravo wrote a wonderful article about Missing The Mark in Landscape Design for Dwell Magazine. If you’re considering redoing your home’s exterior landscaping, start with this article on what NOT to do. If you want to add some good feng shui, consider curving your walkways for a meandering effect, putting up barrier shrubs to poison arrows from oncoming roads or powerlines, and adding an orange tree to your money corner for starters.

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Designer chairs. Sigh. These are some fun shui designs from Moroso. Check out their website for more information about the designers and their contemporary furniture line.

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One from the archives that is a particular favorite!

Feng Shui By Fishgirl

“Friends are like windows through which you see out into the world
and back into yourself… If you don’t have friends you see much
less than you otherwise might.” ~ Merle Shain

Windows are such an integral part of all architecture that sometimes we hardly notice them
unless our space doesn’t have any at all. When we don’t have any windows, we notice
their absence immediately. We may feel closed in without windows to provide a connection
to the outside world.

* Windows let in light to dark places.

* Windows provide us with a view to other spaces, generally outside, but not always.

* If they open, windows give us a means to circulate fresh air into our space.

* Well designed windows add a focal point to any room.

* Windows can create moods and uplift our ch’i (energy).

In feng shui terms, windows…

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Photograph courtesy of

What’s wrong with this picture? The headboard of the bed is along the same wall as the entryway to the left. That means this bed is definitely NOT in The Command Position to see who comes into the room while you’re resting and vulnerable in bed. Why is that important? Subliminal message is that you won’t feel safe because you are at a disadvantage. The obvious cure is to find The Command Position and place your bed there. If it’s impossible due to the architecture of the space, the second best cure would be to have a mirror strategically placed on the opposite wall so you can see the entry way from the bed. Design-wise that might mean a mirrored closet door, a standing mirror, etc. Feng Shui By Fishgirl likes that the bedroom in the picture above (from balanced lighting and nice bedding. However it only has one side table (not a good balance for optimum feng shui), the sheer curtains and the satiny bedding seem to not be able to hold their own against the heavy leather furniture, there are no shades on the windows for light or privacy.


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Walter Gropius, Hagerty House stairwell has curvaceous lines and the floating stairs are elegant.

Slide ‘n’ staircase from the article “The 12 Most Creative Interiors Staircases” at (clik pic to jump to full article)

Stairway to Heaven was the theme song of my high school prom. I did not go to my prom. Now you know everything there is to know about Feng Shui By Fishgirl. If you want to know everything about the 12 Most Creative Interior Staircases click the link and go to where you’ll see some very cutting edge designs like the ones shown here. When are stairs bad feng shui? When you open your front door Mouth of Ch’i and are immediately faced with a staircase in direct alignment, that causes a poison arrow. Poison arrows are when too fast moving ch’i energy whooshes straight through one direction. There are feng shui solutions to the stairway problem, depending on each individual (stair)case. If you think you might have a problem and would like a professional opinion, consider asking Fishgirl for a full consultation or ask a question and make a donation. Contact today!

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