We used to have a mulberry bush in our front yard when I was growing up in NH. If my memory is correct, it was only about 5 feet high and the branches fanned out over the top and spilled down to create a “tent” that my younger brother and I could hide behind, picking the ripe juicy fruit from the under branches. We were certain our mom didn’t know where we were hiding. Maybe our blue-black mulberry smiles gave us away later on when we’d come out from the hiding space. It was always a favorite spot for hide ‘n’ seek. Our mulberry bush was located in our Wisdom & Knowledge area of my childhood home. My mom always had the wisdom to let our imaginations go wild.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t recognize the trees in our backyard in NC–they are tall trees with branches that stick out over our 2nd story deck. Laden with berries, the fruit is consumed pretty quickly by our resident birds and squirrels. This season we’ve gotten a bumper crop of berries and they’ve ripened extra early due to the mild winter, lots of rain, and early summer weather we’ve had. A visiting friend insisted we not let our organic treasure of bounteous berries go to waste and so this is what we gathered from the deck.

I found a great recipe for mulberry muffins here at And if you want to make a mulberry pie, just do what I do: buy the premade pie crusts (two to a box) and then just toss your berries with some sugar to taste, a spoon or two of flour to thicken the juice (or you can use cornstarch), a tiny squirt of lemon juice, spread it all into the pie crust and add the top and voila follow the directions on the box for baking your pie. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

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