Out of my skull waiting for my Skippy’s hotdog!

A perfect day in Winston Salem, NC includes a trip to Skippy’s Hot Dogs. I’ve written about them before and their quality is so consistently good it’s a no brainer…to avoid the inevitable lines go before noon. We arrived at 11:30AM and I ordered a Chicago classic dog even though I didn’t know what banana peppers are. The dog is so big I could only photograph half of it!

Chicago dog at Skippy’s in W-S.

Next on your agenda should be a trip to the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Currently they are showing some amazing works done by several artists all using paper as their medium. My favorite artist in the show was Simryn Gill who made “pearls” from entire copies of books or like this one below that was NOT in the show, National Geographics.

Simryn Gill’s “Pearls” made from an entire copy of a National Geographic magazine.

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