This pricey bike has a very unusual design that combines an elliptical trainer with a bicycle. I just like it ’cause it’s orange! Click here to learn more about this product. Keeping yourself healthy by exercising and eating right is good for your feng shui. To support that intention it’s also wise to clear up your Family & Health area of all clutter and negative symbols. Find your Family & Health area with the Feng Shui By Fishgirl bagua map page. Use your feng shui eyes to remove anything that speaks of illness. For example, one client I worked with had an antique Victorian wheelchair as decor in hers, another had a pile of pill bottles (some empty, some with expired prescriptions, some new) located on a table in hers, another client was keeping broken furniture and accessories in her Family & Health area. Clear it out, clean it up, and strengthen by placing symbols of good health in this sector. You might consider turning your Health space into a home gym if it is a separate room in your house, for example. Or you might just emphasize by hanging pics of you and your loved ones in the peek of good health on the walls. Large green thriving houseplants connote health. Can you think of some other positive symbols?

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