Finally, a bathroom worthy of Shaft himself. This glass floor over an abandoned elevator shaft is a uniquely frightening design idea from Hernandez Silva Architecos. Thank you to Apartment Therapy for making me aware of this post. This aggressive design has many negative aspects to it as far as feng shui goes. Bathrooms in feng shui provide problems because of their capacity for draining away our good ch’i energy. What could be worse than having a giant draining hole in your bathroom? This bathroom has the sink drain, the toilet drain, and the elevator shaft drain. I don’t see a shower or tub in the photos. The other feng shui problem is a preponderance of water element. Mirrors and glass symbolize water (as does actual water, duh!). The water element here is flood-like and that also contributes to the uneasiness felt in this room. Trust your instincts: if a space makes you feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t have good feng shui. How does this bathroom make you feel?


Filed under Architecture, Design, Feng Shui, Qi


  1. What a crazy use of space! I know this is creepy, but I think the entire time I would worry that someone from below was looking at me….

    • Not crazy, Erika! 🙂 Someone on Apartment Therapy said that if you look closely, it’s basically the toilet attached with a hole to the glass floor. That’s even more disturbing!!! Paying attention to how a space makes us feel is a real good indicator of whether or not something is wrong (or very right!) with the feng shui. Thanks for posting feedback–I know it takes time.

  2. Marse Amory

    I get that quesy sinking feeling….it seems odd to constrict all the air above and below to this one loo….how weird!!!

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