Don’t you just love trompe l’oeil facades? As if the great trickster painted these buildings… we are fooled by what we see. Or are we?


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2 responses to “TROMPE L’OEIL FACADES

  1. Gina

    That is just the question: are we fooled? With regards to feng shui, is the facade image persuasive enough to affect feng shui rules for energy flow?

    • Gina,
      I believe a good trompe l-oeil does affect feng shui energy flow. For example, when one uses silk floral arrangements instead of live flowers. The effect is only as good as the quality of the faux flowers. If you buy something that looks fake (like plastic flowers) then it will feel fake, too. If the faux flowers are of delicate beauty and at first you don’t realize they are fake, then yes the feng shui effect will be the same as real ones. Hope this answers your question. Namaste, fishgirl

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