At Feng Shui By Fishgirl we believe that real women have curves. It’s time to give ourselves and our daughters a positive body image role model and stop beating up on ourselves for having the curves that nature intended. Embrace your bellies, butts, and beauty. Support clothing manufacturers who “get it”. Avoid those that don’t. Get the skinny on the story at Plus Model Magazine and see a lot more photos of gorgeous model Kasia with thought provoking sayings. The ones of Kasia embracing an anorexic model that looks like a bag o’ bones is devastating.

And for related stories about how women are held to unrealistic standards–especially celebrity women, but it trickles down to all of us–see this intelligent article by Ashley Judd.


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  1. So is a woman not a REAL woman if she has an athletic body? EVERY GIRL IS BEAUTIFUL, (and uh, definitely a real woman if she was born naturally skinny), not just the ones with curves…

    • Good point! I think the media bias is naturally in favor of unrealistically thin role models, airbrushing, cosmetic surgery, anorexic models etc. Which is why the other women of the world need a boost of support. My article did not mean to slur any of the athletes or naturally thin women out there, just to balance the scales (pun intended!). Cheers!

  2. I agree completely. 🙂

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