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MARCH 21st ONLY: Casablanca 70th Anniversary Event

As a teenager, I fell in love on a first date watching Casablanca in an art theatre in NYC the first time. Now they’re dragging it out again for its 70th Anniversary on large screens across America. Check the link below to see where it’s playing near you. It’s great fun if not feng shui.

Turner Classic Movies Presents Casablanca 70th Anniversary Event.

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Feng Shui By Fishgirl is focusing this month on the Travel & Helpful People section of the bagua. I have been to Hunting Island State Park outside of Beaufort, SC twice and its unusual beauty still haunts me. The beach has trees strewn about it like so many pick-up sticks, left there by a hurricane several years ago. The branches and trunks and roots of trees poke up out of the sand of this broad beach. The feeling is eerie and surreal. Walking among these sculptural forms with the waves crashing nearby is a meditative and inspiring experience. The park also offers a beautiful lighthouse, boardwalk trails that take you out into the grassy lowlands marshes, and lots of wildlife. They even have a pond that is sometimes inhabited by an alligator. If you decide to go, stay at the City Loft Hotel–a boutique hotel in historic Beaufort. (tip: they are pet friendly!)

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