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It’s that time of year again: Treasure Mapping time! This is when you can make use of the powerful first new moon of the astrological year  to set your feng shui intentions for your life. For 2012 the Aries new moon falls on March 22 next week. Tracy Abbott was my guest blogger and gave us detailed instructions on how to prepare for ==and make== a personal treasure map.  Start at this post from year’s past and continue to part 2 at end.

This is a pirate treasure map...click on the links above to see what creating your life on a personal treasure map might look like.


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This fabulous architecture belongs to the Marina Sands Hotel in Singapore. I’d probably have to take a valium before I dared go to the edge of the infinity pool on the skypark deck level. Criminy! A friend is staying there now traveling for business. Lucky dog!

Feng Shui By Fishgirl analysis: the use of 3 towers is good feng shui numerology. The curves as indicated by the pool shot above add to the yin energy to balance the phallic towers. The skydeck resembles a giant surfboard from what I can tell. So far so good. But I think the hotel management needs to send me a ticket and put me up for a week in order to get a full feng shui report card. . .

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