From the moment we entered the Everglades National Park we anticipated an exotic adventure. Intrepid travelers like us don’t let a little “Beware of Vultures” sign daunt us. We began our day tour at the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center and our first stop was the Anahinga Trail. Named after the anahinga bird, this is a paved walk with much of it a boardwalk over the marshy slough.

This is an anahinga drying its wings

You’ll see alligators, exotic birds, alligators, turtles, the aforementioned vultures that are protected by the park, and more alligators.This is what we were hoping for, but the trail more than exceeded our expectations.

There were many opportunities to photograph the gators. Although the pic above is from the Everglades website, all the rest are mine.

The park is impressive and we’re happy to know that it’s a World Heritage Site. It’s something our government did right. By paying attention to good thoughtful design, this National Park has created positive feng shui for the animals it is protecting as well as the guests that visit.

The trails are well maintained and uniquely designed for excellent viewing. The boardwalk was wide enough to make it wheelchair accessible. You feel like you are out in the glades–and you are! The elevated boardwalk allows you to look down to see great blue herons immediately below you and look up to tree limbs where they are nesting right before your eyes.

See the great blue heron being watched by the gator being watched by me?


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2 responses to “EVERGLADES FENG SHUI

  1. Great post Katy! The photos are beautifully taken and really shows off the Everglades experience. Construction of the trails took in consideration of placement for providing guests with the best possible views as well as not disturbing the habitat of the animals.

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