Any visit to Key West must include a visit to the Hemingway House. Unless you are allergic to cats, that is. This historic home is residence to 40+ cats descended from Ernest Hemingway’s original double-pawed pets. They have the run of the place and are not particularly shy of visitors.


The tranquil pool has ceramic elephants on either side of it. Good feng shui guardians as they represent Ganeshe, remover of obstacles!


This is the writing room that Hemingway did his work in. I would think that awesome swimming pool and the bars on Duval Street would be major distractions, though!


The cat above literally came out from behind the books on the shelf in Hemingway’s writing studio! If you look closely you’ll notice the extra toes on his paw.

ImageI love the tile patterns throughout the property–not sure if these were always pastel or are simply faded from sun and wear of the constant flow of tourists in the gardens. The yellow and black Art Deco tiles shown below were used in his bathrooms.



This cat condo was built to resemble a doll house replica of the famously shuttered Hemingway House.

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