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I know it’s often tough for renters to decorate their homes without fear of losing their deposit check. Often landlords won’t let us  paint. If you’ve got a child, that can really limit your options for stimulating their Creativity! Don’t let it get you down, Feng Shui By Fishgirl always finds a solution.  Chuck E. Byrd Wall Decals Etsy Shop comes to the rescue of moms everywhere with a huge selection of vinyl wall decals that do not damage walls. You can create a mural that uplifts your child’s ch’i energy and stimulates their imagination. Very important for feng shui and for creating future artists and designers.

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Talk about creative! This hacker hybrid of a bicycle and grocery cart is practical and helpful to a sustainable lifestyle. Fun shui! Would you buy one and use it to grocery shop  if it were available commercially? I would! See more crazy hacks at Huffington Post.

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