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Sweet hammock on a stand from Target is on sale $116.99-- buy now, save for summer!

In order to BE creative, you gotta make time for yourself to relax and FIND your creativity. In other words, a place to dream awhile. What better way than to stretch out in a hammock? I did a little research and found these two versions at Target. Both are on sale and have great features like mildew resistance etc. One comes with a stand, the other one “just add trees”. I’m thinking that the one on the stand would be a great add to my art studio INSIDE! Voila:  Creativity & Future Projects (plus a power nap!), here I come.

Hammock from Target only $39.50 at time of this posting!

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As we continue through January and the Feng Shui Fishgirl theme of Creativity & Future Projects, I’d like to share with you this wonderful post from the Thoughts on Theatre Blog that pokes fun at all we do to self sabotage our creative efforts. Do you recognize yourself in any of the 25 listed ways?

25 Ways to Be Unsuccessful Creatively (and in life).

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