Creativity is such an important element of a person’s life that it merits its own sector on the feng shui bagua along with Career, Fame & Reputation, Travel & Helpful People, Wealth, Love, Family & Health, Wisdom & Knowledge, and the tai chi center. I’m putting the spotlight on Creativity the entire month of January at Feng Shui By Fishgirl. Need some inspiration? Creative Something blog has several ways to spur yourself to Just Do It when you’ve lost your way. Have an abundance of ideas? Check out for a very creative way to get crowd funding for your art or design project.

How can feng shui help? Locate the Creativity & Future Projects area within your entire home or one particular room that you do your creative work in. (Use my Bagua page to help locate the power position for Creativity). Once you’ve found it, figure out ways to incorporate the symbols, colors, and elements that enhance and strengthen this sector. Since children are associated with Creativity, it would be appropriate to give a nod to children in some way–for example, framed photos of yourself as a child or your favorite children (whether they are yours or your nieces and nephews maybe) would do that, or art work done by children. If you have a doll collection or build models or something along the lines of childhood, that would also activate this area. Keep it playful! Bring out your own inner child to think outside the sandbox.

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