At first glance, this $24 Million dollar home in Hawaii seems spectacular. But money doesn’t necessarily buy good feng shui and it seems that you don’t get too much for the money with this house. Take a look at the slide show at Business Insider:

HOUSE OF THE DAY: A $23.8 Million Ocean Front Hawaii Home With Its Own Yoga Pavilion.

Why am I knocking it?

Photos by Sotheby's

Well, for one thing, currently it is surrounded by two empty mud lots as you can see by the photo above. For $24M you’d think you’d get those two pieces of property and heavily landscape them so you have a buffer zone of privacy. Instead, you’re buying less than an acre of land and your home will be taking over nearly every bit of it right up to the neighbors’ walls. Ew!

Photos by Sotheby's

You know if I had $24M to spend on a home, I’d expect more for that kind of pricetag. The kitchen above is nothing really special. Sure, if you were spending say $750K-2M on a home it would be okay. But for $24M you’re going to pull out all the stops and get a really high end Italian designer kitchen and if you like stone, you’re going to use a rare stone for the counters not some ordinary looking granite. This is a fairly basic kitchen with not a lot of Creativity.

And look at the swimming pool…it’s got a big yoga pavillion in the middle of it so the pool appears to be much smaller and unswimmable. The yoga pavillion could have easily fit beyond the pool towards the beach where there is now lush green plantings. I think the designer of this home did not have a sense of scale and proportion. I wish more builders and architects would work with feng shui designers. But that’s just me. What do you think?

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  1. pongboy

    crummy place

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