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Dining rooms bring family & friends together for community meals and conversation. Apartment Therapy has a selection of 10 dining rooms that all have a very good balance of feng shui elements—

*Great use of art on the walls for uplifting ch’i energy

*Mix of yin & yang (curvy and angular) shapes

*Proper use of 5 feng shui elements (wood, earth, fire, metal, water)

I’m not sure I love the lamps reaching from floor over the tables but for the most part, all of these rooms inspire auspicious feng shui–see more at the link below.

Food, Friends & Family: Dining Rooms To Live In Best of 2011 | Apartment Therapy DC.

Photos courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com


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FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS TO HAPPINESS IN 2012–a step-by-step guide by Robert Moss


Some of my art work was chosen by dream guru Robert Moss to illustrate this article he wrote about following your bliss. In this post, Robert gives us a step-by-step (easy and short!) exercise to discern what makes you happy and how to set those plans in motion to follow your heart in 2012. Click the link below to jump to the Dreamgates Blog on Beliefnet.

Do what you love, and let the world support you – Dream Gates.

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