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Funky funky but chic--license plates from all over create "wallpaper" art.

If you’re traveling to Key Largo, you’ll want to eat at Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen. I found the decor to be as charming as the home cooking was delicious. The ceiling was also decorated–with money! Now THAT’S auspicious feng shui for a restaurant! We loved the food so much we had breakfast and dinner there on the same day.

Currency from all over the world stuffed into the ceiling trellis brings lucky feng shui to the restaurant owners.

Of course, with hearty food like French toast with bananas and real maple syrup, and hash browns made with cheese, you’ll not need to eat lunch. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the food—-it disappeared too fast! 🙂

License plates are even used to create unusual lampshades at Mrs. Mac's Kitchen.


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