Read and see video about the Glamour photo shoot of “plus size” model Lizzie Miller which is creating a lot of buzz lately. In my post Bellies, Butts, & Beauty  last year I touched on this issue as it applies to both women AND men. Whatever your size, having self esteem and confidence is what makes you attractive to others.


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3 responses to “REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES

  1. Hello sweet Katy once more into the breech or maybe beach depends on the weather!!! SO very delighted to see the holiday market…what a great idea…hope all goes well…Regina Thomas and Marse and her Bluemoon
    Market are finally prepared for the 1st Saturday Artist Workshop and Market at Pine Street Station Studio’
    From 10 am until 6 pm this Sat and next. For present the artist market will stay up thru Sundays for the Hope Farmer’s Market outback and going to daily for the week before Christmas. There will be a dozen or more artists and photographers as well as coffee, cider hot or cold and some lovely trailer gourmet goodies out in front. The workshops are from 10 a til 6p and will be two and three hours…our goal is to afford the opportunity for each market member to spread a little creative joy each week to others and take a bit of art home after just a few hours.
    We are competing with some serious ventures here in Austin but this being the fourth year we are hopeful that if we build it they will come if not for Art’s sake then for excellent Cappuccino and tasty snacks! All the love to you sweet heart…have a lovely holiday! Peace Marse

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