Courtesy of the Norton Museum of Art


Rarely have I seen portraits on a scale so large that they dominate my senses completely. Many artists work in large scale, but few paint that big and still fewer paint actual portraits this monumentally breathtaking . Mostly one sees scenes or abstracts in this size or larger. The painting shown here is by Jenny Saville and it is 99″ x 72.75″ and her subject was a blind woman whose eyes appeared to be like mysterious orbs or hidden worlds within a beautiful face. This is being shown with a 20 year  retropective of Jenny Savile’s work at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach through March 4, 2012 and I highly recommend you go see the exhibition. The way Ms. Savile handles the paint is awe inspiring–especially because it is this huge and the process of painting on this scale is so difficult to master with the skill this artist has. I was enveloped totally by the subjects themselves, the sheer artistry, and the amount of work on display, and the way the work touches on issues of how women perceive ourselves and are perceived by others. The show is part of a RAWgrant (Recognition of Art by Women)to the museum, and THAT is good feng shui!





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  1. Her work is excellent. I am glad she is widely recognized as one of the great artists. Wish I could have been there!

  2. The photos don’t do it justice since the work is sooo huge. I mailed you the brochure from the museum today so you could have an image from the show on your studio bulletin board 🙂

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