Lots of people get depressed around the holidays. We set ourselves up with expectations that Thanksgiving is the time for families to get together and everything will be perfect and everyone will be happy and have a great time. But human beings and families are NOT perfect! The key is to let go of expectations and accept that we can’t control what others say or do, we can only control our own emotions and responses. Maintaining our own practices and rituals such as our exercise routines, yoga, meditation, prayer, reading, etc will help us remain balanced throughout the holidays. Even so, there’s bound to be something that upsets the ch’i (energy) and pushes our buttons. That’s when you leave the room and go take a walk! You don’t have to be the mediator, the peacemaker, the caregiver. Just take care of yourself. You’ll have more to give to loved ones if you do.

Turkey in a bag

How will you cook YOUR turkey? Mine will be in a plastic self-basting bag like this one. I have done it this way for a few years now and always find it results in meat that’s very moist and savory.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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