Laziness can often cost us money. How? I’ve discovered that if I take the time to followup on things like searching for a better plan or returning faulty products, it often pays off in even bigger ways. Here are some Feng Shui By Fishgirl tips on where to find some money where you might not think to look…

*Switch Services We switched our TV & Internet service recently to another company. Then the previous company came back to us with an offer-we-couldn’t refuse at a fifth of the price we were originally paying with them, plus they paid off the contract with the new company.

*Stay Loyal Alternatively, if you are loyal to one TV company, then get in the practice of calling your cable company and asking them what they’ve done for you lately for being a loyal customer—you’ll be offered special gifts such as 3 months free upgrade to premium HBO packages etc that can save you big bucks both in your monthly bills but also in your entertainment expenses (staying home to watch your new premium channels will save you money). Ask and ye shall receive.

*Go Monthly No Contract Cellular Get rid of your land line and go with a monthly cell phone service that doesn’t require a contract. Boost or Virgin both have rock bottom plans ($20 month for basic, $30 month for an upgrade plan that includes 1500 min talk and texting) that will save you lots.

*Write Letters Don’t be afraid to complain if you are unhappy with a product or service. You will be surprised what you might get. We were unhappy with the condition in which a high end ping pong table arrived. We got a second table for free. Airlines often give credit vouchers. Food companies give product or coupons. Taking the time to write a letter–rather than watch TV–can pay off for you and give you customer satisfaction. Plus you’re helping the company improve their goods and services and that’s good feng shui.

*Bring it Back How often do you come home from the grocery store only to discover that some of the food items you bought were spoiled or beyond the purchase date? It’s happening more frequently now that the economy is forcing staffing cutbacks at retail chains. Don’t just toss it away. Put it aside and take it back to the store the next time you shop (don’t make an extra trip just to return an item as then you’re leaving a bigger carbon footprint AND paying for gas). You’ll get reimbursed and sometimes an additional voucher for replacement product.

*Consolidate Your Shopping Which brings me to another tip: group your errands together so that you only make one trip and save gas. This is better for you and for the planet!

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