Apple® Pie in Remembrance of Steve Jobs

Apple® Pie    (photo ©Katy Allgeyer)

Apple® Pie (photo ©Katy Allgeyer)

Very few people have lived so fully within the Creativity & Future Projects sector of the feng shui bagua as Steve Jobs did. Founder and CEO of both Apple and Pixar Animation, Steve shaped the way we communicate with his innovative visions. Dying of cancer at age 56 would be tragic for most of us and I do not discount the tremendous loss that his family and colleagues and employees must feel today. However it is worth noting that Steve’s legacy will continue to shine on and inspire for generations to come. And that is a life well lived, no matter how short it was. Today I baked an Apple® Pie in his honor.

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One response to “Apple® Pie in Remembrance of Steve Jobs

  1. Haha! I love this one. If only Steve Jobs had the chance to see this.

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