Do you know how to pay attention to the signs and omens all around you? Synchronicity is more than just a song by The Police. It’s when you notice things surrounding you that correspond to your mood or answer questions you were thinking about. It’s almost as if you’re getting messages from the universe. The ancients called them signs. You might know them as affirmations. They come when you are paying attention and listening with your heart. I’ve written about this before.

Photo courtesy of Deer Isle Chronicles.

This week I left the island for a few days to take a short road trip. I had been feeling stressed out for various reasons and needed to get away so I seized an opportunity that came up suddenly. While driving along the road, feeling anxious/depressed/tired/ and emotional I began to cry a little. Within moments there was a sign ahead of me on the right—an actual sign that I wish I had stopped to take a photo of. It was written in black letters on a white board and said “Recover While Away”.  Talk about instant karma! I pondered the words for awhile wondering what the actual sign’s purpose was other than its hidden message for me. It was a few days later that someone told me the sign advertised upholstery recovering for summer people who go to winter homes! On my way home (after the requisite recovery I made on my retreat!) I seemed lighter and happier. I even saw an American bald eagle swoop down across the highway in front of me and a few minutes later I witnessed a great blue heron going in the opposite direction. Both are wonderful omens of Spirit.

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  1. Marse

    I saw that sign too as we were driving away from the island until next year…it gave me pause to think a bit as well… since I feel the island heals me so much each day all summer … especially my wonderful friends at markets and lovely Walker Pond …my path of recover was being lost by leaving. Now I am home again in Texas and my healing happens in different waters; Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park …crowded today by revelers attending the Austin City Limits Music Festival. So here my recovering swim today had a soundtrack of live Stevie Wonder playing across the park to 200,000 people…very refreshing …very bizarre! Thanks for reminding me of the HHHMMM I had when I saw the sign…I thought it meant for those “from a way” to recover from the daily crazy of life below while up on our peninsula.
    So many ways to see the same thing ehhh?

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