There are at least 5 feng shui flaws with this bedroom photo. Can you find them? Do you want to know why they are considered problems?

I saw this photo on Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite places to hang out in the blogosphere. At first I was attracted to it but then I looked closer and noticed that there are a lot of feng shui “no-no’s” depicted here. Try to find them yourself with YOUR feng shui eyes and then check your answers against what I’ve written below.


* There is no headboard to ground the bed. No doubt the owner thought they were counteracting that problem with the cure of putting the round twig thing over the bed…

*The circular twig thing over the bed is shooting pointed sticks (“Poison Arrows”) all over the room but also directly into sleeping heads. I wouldn’t mind it in another room…

*The gigantic mirror placed against the wall by the bedside is not good placement. It also will stir up a lot of energy that makes for a less than restful night’s sleep–remove it!

*There is one wall sconce on the wall. If you like wall lamps, you should put one on each side for balance.

*There are dead seed pods in a vase on one side of the bed and a cut flower arrangement on the other. One says death, one says life. Which one do you think is good for feng shui?

* There is only one bedside table and one bedside lamp. Unless this is a guest room where you’re not encouraging someone to stay a long time, get a matched pair of each.

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