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ENTERING THE LABYRINTH: A Meditative Experience

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Last week on the night of the Full Moon, my partner and I joined Christine Farrow-Noble and her husband Chris at their home in Brooksville, Maine where a group of people were gathered to walk the Noble’s labyrinth. This particular labyrinth is carved out of a tall grassy meadow and its un-seeable until you are actually walking the path which is mowed down following a classical labyrinth pattern. Christine told us all the story of this particular labyrinth being constructed for her wedding to Chris in 2005. They were married in the center of the labyrinth among the wildflowers and the transformative magic that comes with ancient symbols like this one.

Christine is an expert on labyrinths and has studied them, written about them, and created them in places around the globe. When walking a labyrinth, the idea is to walk within silence and reflect on what it is you would like to release from your life at the center of the labyrinth where you can discard your troubles as an offering to the universe. When you return on the path, you focus on what you want to receive from the universe and bring back with you. What’s interesting is that labyrinth patterns have been discovered in nearly every human culture across the world, making it a truly universal symbol of life.

Walking a labyrinth is not the same as a maze because the maze will take you on false turns. A classic labyrinth will take you to the center while turning and walking the entire design. It’s a truly meditative experience and I felt recharged when I completed the journey.


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