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The Stackhouse home (photo courtesy HBO)

If your grandmother had been murdered in your home would you still want to live in that house? If a pagan goddess had held orgies and human sacrifices in and around your property, would you slap a coat of new paint on it and say ‘good as new’ and carry on with your life once the trash was removed? If you spent 5 minutes in the faery realm that was equal to a year in human time and came back to find people thought you were dead so they sold your house to a vampire while you were away would you fight to keep that house–the same house with all this negative history? That’s what Sookie Stackhouse of HBO’s “True Blood” series is doing.

I am a big fan of this show–it’s a hoot and a half–and if I were invited to Bon Temps to do a Feng Shui By Fishgirl consultation for Sookie I think my advice would be to move! There’s only so much a space clearing smudge can do when there is excessive residual build-up from horrific events. Now she’s got a vampire living in her basement (okay so Eric’s a hottie vampire but he’s still an unwanted guest at this point in the series) and that is causing her stress.The place has been renovated (a big feng shui plus) but her brother who lived there with her has been kidnapped by Cat People (a big feng shui minus) so the makeover hasn’t changed the weird ch’i much, it seems.

Sookie, you can do better, girl! Take the money from the sale of the house and go get yourself a condo with a pool so you can soak up the sun while the vamps are asleep. What do you think? Should Sookie stay or should she go? Are you a True Blood fan?


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