Last year I went looking for lupine to paint and discovered a 
large field with an abundance of lupine near route 15 in 
Deer Isle village. The resulting art work, "The Lupine Field", has 
been selected for the poster, totes, and tee shirts for this year's 
annual Deer Isle-Stonington Lupine Festival (June 17-20). 
The original artwork is a 24" x 36" x 1.5" contemporary mixed 
media painting using topographical maps and acrylic on canvas. 
My original painting is on display at The Hutton Gallery
89 North Deer Isle Road (rte 15) in Deer Isle (207/348-6171).

If you are looking for a great place to vacation this summer, 
our island in Maine has awesome feng shui! Check out the website 
to see some pics and get some idea of what there is to do here. 
The Lupine Festival is just one of the many events you can take 
advantage of. We're the kayaking capital of America, we've got 
more art galleries per acre than any other location in Maine, and 
the lobstah is plentiful! See more of Katy Allgeyer Art Studio at this link.

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