A great use of art for auspicious feng shui!

Take a look at the artwork of Jessika Cardinahl. Jessika paints gorgeous large canvases of animals.

The bedroom above is from her facebook page and the wolves painting is hers, too. I love how the art takes up nearly the entire wall over the bed, bringing balance to the room and raising the ch’i. (A pet peeve I have is when there is no headboard and/or no art or textiles on the wall over the bed…) When I found this pic on facebook, the artist had written below it “I feel so protected”. Some people would find wolves scary but Jessika obviously understands shamanic Animal Wisdom and identifies with this powerful totem. In Native American lore, Wolf is symbolic of a Teacher or a Pathfinder.  Placing your animal totem over your bed can protect you during dream time, too.

Note that the two bedside tables are mismatched (a feng shui no-no) but that the two matching bedside lamps more than make up for it. And if you’ve got a space like this one where you might not be able to fit two matching tables, paying attention to the lamps and the artwork is a viable solution.

See more of Jessika’s artwork at her website. Her zebra painting below is spectacular, isn’t it?

I love this image! I recently saw a bison at a zoo rolling around the grass like this zebra

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