BIN LADEN’S FENG SHUI–2 thumbs way down!

Single armed guard on your rooftop's "Love & Relationship" sector? Should be a pair! A feng shui no-no.

You have a closet, use it! Tossed clothing on the floors is bad feng shui!

Clean sheets, people! And make your bed each morning else you never know what could happen to your feng shui. Organize, organize, organize!

This property is entirely missing its "Travel & Helpful People" sector. Shaped like a boomerang, all your bad karma keeps coming back to the resident. "Family & Health" and "Wisdom & Knowledge" also missing. Get a new realtor!.


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3 responses to “BIN LADEN’S FENG SHUI–2 thumbs way down!

  1. Isabelle

    Jeeeez, no wonder he ended up dead. He should have hired Fishgirl right? I am keeping my stuff tidy from now on…..

  2. Thanks for posting, Isabelle! 😀

  3. Miss Heliotrope

    This is very funny – well done

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