The happy couple on their wedding day.

What a day for Love & Relationship! The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton took place this morning. Congratulations to this beautiful couple. Inside Westminster Abbey the nave was lined with 20 foot tall potted English field maples, bringing nature inside the gothic cathedral. The trees will be planted at Highgrove after the ceremony (it’s a green wedding!). The English field maple symbolises humility and reserve, and was used to make loving cups in medieval times, while the hornbeam signifies resilience. Apparently Kate knows the importance of symbolism and chose wisely. Symbolism is an integral part of feng shui and Feng Shui By Fishgirl feels this is a very auspicious beginning for the pair.

Note the placement of the trees along the aisle at top of pic. (Reuters)

Now let’s talk wedding dress: I’ve heard comparisons to Grace Kelly’s dress but I was reminded of a very young Elizabeth Taylor when I saw Kate in her splendor this morning. Maybe it’s Kate’s gorgeous mane of dark hair that reminds me of the late great Liz.  In any case, the dress designed by Sarah Burton under the Alexander McQueen label definitely has a 1950’s demure quality to it. The nipped in waist with flaring skirt, the chaste deep v neckline, the traditional lace…the LA Times reports that the skirt was meant to echo an opening flower and that Kate wanted to represent lacemakers of the Arts & Crafts Movement. What do you think? Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Did you like Kate’s choice of dress?

Grace Kelly on her wedding day to Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Elizabeth Taylor (and Eddie Fisher?) on their wedding day.

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  1. Since posting this article I have read several other sources of feng shui experts predicting trouble for this couple. Everything from fertility, affairs, divorce, and even one source in Hong Kong that claims the engagement ring is the problem since it once belonged to Princess Diana. I strongly disagree! I foresee a strong partnership between this couple. As to the ring, Diana was a fabulous mother and much beloved by her sons and the world. The sapphire has symbolic meaning that bodes well for the couple as well as deep personal meaning and I believe that is auspicious feng shui:

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