What price luxury?

There’s a political hotbed issue (pun always intended at Feng Shui By Fishgirl!) taking place in California right now. Housekeepers are hurting themselves. How? By lifting the heavy mattresses in hotels in order to put fresh flat sheets on every day. In order to perform this task, these cleaning women are asked to lift the equivalent of a sack of boulders several times a day and it’s causing shoulder, neck, and back injuries. (Try it next time you stay in a hotel.) The solution–to get hotels to switch to fitted sheets like most of us use at home–is estimated to cost the hospitality industry $15 million in California alone. But the cost to the workers (and probably their healthcare providers) would drop dramatically. Hotels in Hawaii have made the shift apparently. The other issue is the hotels should be supplying long handled tools so that the cleaning women do not have to get on hands and knees to scrub the bathroom floors. Click here to jump to the Huffington Post to find out why at least one hotel removed their mops, making it harder on their housekeeping staff.

Many hotels have notices about reusing your towels to save water and the environment. My guess is that saving money on the water bill and on the staff needed to clean the towels  are the main reasons they are so concerned about the environment but that’s okay, whatever motivates it’s all for a good cause. When you stay in a hotel, you make the choice yourself. The karma is on you. So what’s this got to do with feng shui…Making choices that are for the highest good of all concerned is the responsible and compassionate thing to do. That’s good for your feng shui. Can you sleep easy on a hotel bed if you knew that the people maintaining it go home with disfiguring permanent injuries?

Check the desk next time to see if the hotel you’re in has a form to give feedback. If it does, tell the management you would prefer fitted sheets on the bed and housecleaners off their knees when cleaning. Then tweet all your friends to do the same. If the law passes in California it will no doubt sweep the nation eventually. Then we can all sleep better at night.

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