This path could have been made straight but the slight curve makes for better feng shui.

Note the slightly curved path of flagstones.

Wider at the street or driveway side is best for your feng shui because it lets in opportunities with "arms wide in welcome".

Like a river, this walkway has twists and turns for good ch'i.

This driveway / sidewalk combo has an auspicious planting to break up the ch'i and also a circular rondele brick pattern inlaid into the driveway--with curves and beautiful landscaping. Excellent feng shui!

Pathways have great significance in feng shui practice. If you’re looking to move to a new home, keep your eyes open for the sidewalk paths and driveways. It is most auspicious to have a sidewalk or path leading to your home in an indirect meander rather than a straight shot to your Mouth of Ch’i (front entryway). This symbolizes the positive ch’i energy tarrying longer on your property instead of whooshing right through like an arrow. It’s also auspicious to have your pathway widen at the bottom towards the street. If your pathway is narrower at it’s entrance and then widens up near your house it might look somewhat like the picture below. That’s a feng shui negative but of course Feng Shui By Fishgirl can almost always find a feng shui cure to solve this and other feng shui problems. Call or email for a consultation today!

This spatula shaped walkway is wider at the home side than it is at the entry to the property--a feng shui no-no.

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