FENG SHUI CUBE…Thinking Outside the Box While Sleeping Inside It!

Pictures from Apartment Therapy via the New York Times

Do you live in a high ceilinged space such as a loft? It can be difficult to sleep in such a space. Here is one solution by a feng shui teacher in Berkeley named Liu Ming. He had a feng shui cube designed to create a movable intimate space that brings “cozy” to the overwhelming loft space. Read more and see photos with plans for the design at the New York Times link below.

A Feng Shui Cube Brings Intimacy to a Loft – NYTimes.com.

Another way to deal with the high ceiling problem is to use a canopy bed so it forms it’s own cube around you as you sleep. Or build in a sleeping closet a la Rembrandt’s. Feng Shui By Fishgirlhas done both of these solutions and they work great. One day maybe I’ll have a feng shui cube, too!


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