HERB GARDEN OR MODERN ART? Who cares! It’s good feng shui :)

Urban herb garden | City garden | Growing herbs | housetohome.co.uk.

Feng Shui By Fishgirl is scouring the internet AND High Point International Furniture Market for inspiration this week. The herb garden wall planter you see above (click on link above to HouseToHome’s blog for more pics) brings a healthy green herb garden into your kitchen and adds color and style to your walls as well—great feng shui!


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2 responses to “HERB GARDEN OR MODERN ART? Who cares! It’s good feng shui :)

  1. Natasha Ayers

    So cool! Makes me think- have you heard of Green Walls? I’m thinking they’re pretty amazing for feng shui. For sure, I am amazed everytime I see one. Anthropologie stores have them. I am so in love.

    • @natasha — I love green walls! Someone told me yesterday how he built a terraced / stepped wall from castle blocks all the way up the side of his mom’s house and filled the steps with soil. Planted all her fave flowers in there so it looked like a wall of flowers.

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