Bedroom by Brocade

One of the big trends getting stronger the past couple of seasons is out and out GLAM. Shine. Glitz. GaGa. Sometimes it can be hard to live with unless you have a penthouse in Vegas or a pied a terre in Hollywood because you can end up with a beauty parlor look if you’re not careful. But when it’s tastefully done, as it is here by Lisa Versacio at Brocade, glam can be very soothing and peaceful. Note how the printed bed linens pick up the cutwork on the headboard? And the touches of this season’s favorite green color make a nice accent. See more pics at their facebook page for inspiring ways to incorporate glam into your home.  I also love the bead curtain–a classical feng shui cure when used properly. And orchids always add ch’i to any room. Well done!

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