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I was browsing one of my fave blogs today —Hooked on Houses–where I discovered a lot of pictures of Charlie Sheen and his ex’s house that was for sale back in 2009. They divorced soon after. At first glance, the home is gorgeous. Look at it again with feng shui eyes, however, and you will see many feng shui blunders. Am I saying Charlie’s addiction problems could have been cured by feng shui? No, I wouldn’t go on record with that. What feng shui can do is create a safe, supportive, peaceful environment that becomes a solid foundation for your life. If you’re already messed up and you surround yourself with oppressiveness in your home space it could push you in the wrong direction. Take a look at the photos for clues and see if you can tell me what’s wrong with those pictures–and also what you think they got right.

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