LLOYD WRIGHT MAYAN HOUSE: Can reno remove Black Dahlia’s death chi?


The Sowden house in Los Feliz, CA


Frank Lloyd Wright’s son followed in his father’s footsteps when he designed this Mayan revival home in Los Feliz in the Hollywood Hills. Later, a family named Hodel lived in it. The son, Steve Hodel did NOT follow in HIS father’s footsteps: Steve’s book “Black Dahlia Avenger” reveals that Steve’s own father was the murderer in this famous case while Steve became an LA homicide detective .

So what happens when a violent death takes place in a residence like this? It could be haunted. Chances are the extensive renovation that was done recently in order to list the home at $4.2M have wiped out any residual death chi. But in an extreme case such as this, where someone was murdered, one should call in a pro like Feng Shui By Fishgirl to do a ritual space clearing and blessing on the space. See more pics of the house’s reno at Curbed LA:

Lloyd Wright’s Los Feliz Sowden House Back on the Market – New to Market – Curbed LA.

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