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Outdoor cafe with pillows for comfort.

Acrylic outdoor furniture by Luca Bonato of Fusina

Tiny chair replicas in a shop window.

Picasso-Thonet rocker.

Ancient Egyptian chair and ottoman.

Amazing gathering of Philippe Starck Ghost Chairs.

Some cheerful chairs to brighten your day. All photos taken by Feng Shui By Fishgirl.

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The yin & yang balance of this train station in Zurich, Switzerland designed in 1983 by Santiago Calatrava is breathtaking. Audacious curves, even on the glass windows and the handrailings, make this an architectural marvel. How lucky to live in a city where people value great art, design, and architecture! When a city invests in a project like this by a world class architect, people come from all over the globe to see it. That’s good for the local economy. Americans need to start supporting art and design to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, jumpstart the economy, and get our overall feng shui going in a positive direction.

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FENG SHUI=YOGA FOR YOUR HOME The art of feng shui is about achieving balance in our lives so that chi (energy) can circulate freely without blockage. I often think of feng shui as yoga for the environments where we live and work because yoga teaches our bodies to breathe. Ever get winded going up a flight of stairs? Well, if your home or office has stagnant energy in it, it’s like the room or building itself is in a constant state of being winded. Not having enough energy … Read More

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