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Current trends in color, according to one of Feng Shui By Fishgirl‘s favorite blog sources is G R E E N. Here are some of my green pics but you can go to Apartment Therapy to see theirs. In feng shui terms, green belongs in the Wealth sector and it also is good in the Wisdom & Knowledge area. I like it in the Travel & Helpful People gua, too, because it is directly opposite the Wealth sector and strengthens/activates it. In America, money is green. People do get green with envy but green is also the color of living plants and that is always good feng shui. See Where To Use Green.

Green goes well with yellow...

Green "Onda" collection by Louis A. Lara for Dellarobbia.

Green handcrafted Tibetan Rug by Katy Allgeyer


"Green Chair" Photo by Alan Bogart

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