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I haven’t developed a sudden fascination with octopi nor have I become interested in Octomom. However, after my previous post about the octopus table I was given a hot lead on this octupus chair by designer Maximo Riera. Click the link which takes you over to designboom to see more pics of this highly stylized chair as well as how they made it. I give it a feng shui thumb’s up IF you’re Captain Nemo, Neptune, or a fishgirl.

maximo riera: octopus chair.





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Round Octopus Table seen at Steampunk Magazine.


Look what I found! This octopus has left his garden to become a table base. The tabletop is round glass (representing water, great feng shui for the fishgirl’s friend). I picture this table in our Maine house by the sea. Do you like? Are you a fan of the Steampunk movement?  Click on this link to find out more about it:

SteamPunk Magazine » Weekend Links.

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