CRAPPY FENG SHUI: Chinese Toilet Restaurant Is Full of Sh*t



You can’t make this up, people. Click on the link for the full article in the Village Voice:

Chinese Toilet Restaurant Is Full of Shit – New York Restaurants and Dining – Fork in the Road.

Meanwhile, I think it’s pretty obvious why this scatalogically themed novelty restaurant does not have good feng shui. But just in case, let’s go over the reasons:

* Toilets leak ch’i (energy). Yes, these have the lids down, but still there must be 30 or more toilet seats in this joint. That’s a lot of symbolic energy draining!

*Speaking of symbology…has a turd ever represented something positive and uplifting? Even if they’re in abundance like the turd shaped pillows at this restaurant, they do not represent wealth and good fortune.

*Even the name, “Modern Toilet” suggests flushing profits down the drain.

This restaurant is located in China. Don’t they believe in feng shui? Yes, ancient Chinese practiced feng shui. In modern China many of the old traditions and culturally significant arts were lost in the Mao period. Even great Chinese cuisine was absent for many decades as chefs fled to Taiwan and Hong Kong during the Cultural Revolution. In the past decade, they came back to China. We wish the owners of this restaurant only the best but we feel their success is ultimately a crap shoot.

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